The Post I Never Wanted to Write…

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Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God, that is, for those who are called according to his purpose, all things are working together for good.”

I never imagined I would use this blog to share this type of news.

To reflect on these types of thoughts, fears, hopes and doubt.

Truthfully, I was prepared to close down my blog, as I only really like to blog when I am in a season of spiritual and personal growth, and when I feel like my experiences may encourage someone.

Apparently, such a season is upon us.

My Dad, my sweet, stubborn, full of life Daddy….. has cancer.

My heart is breaking. If you remember here, or here, my Daddy went to Ethiopia with me (trust me, these posts are short and sweet, and just a quick description of the unique person that is my Dad).

Dad and I on our way to Ethiopia, April 2012

I thank Jesus often for the gift of our African Adventure together (here  and  here  are a few photos of my Dad and I in Ethiopia)

While in Ethiopia in April for our court date, my Dad found himself feeling very fatigued. We dismissed his fatigue as being related to jetlag and/or the high altitude of Addis Ababa.

Then, over the next 3 months Dad lost about 50 pounds without any effort. His appetite was completely gone. He was also becoming weaker and more fatigued.

My Dad is really an optimistic guy, which I think is one reason why he put off a doctor appointment for so long. He has also been pretty healthy his whole life, so the thought of having cancer didn’t even cross his mind.

Finally a few weeks ago he gave into our persistence, and he went to see his GP. Immediately the Dr. noticed a large mass in his left lymph-node. Today he had surgery to remove the mass, and we found out a few things…

* Cancer type is still unknown, as is the origin of it (although thyroid cancer has been ruled out)

* It is not in any major organs, however it is throughout his lymphatic system

* He needs to start chemo ASAP, and although it is “treatable”, it is definitely  going to be an upward battle.

My Dad is a “do-er”. He is busy, busy, busy. He maintains various rental properties he owns, spends several days/week as a Senior Companion to 2 blind gentelmen, and does all the shopping and cooking (one of his loves) for he and my Mom.  Every single day my Dad is out doing something.
This season of illness and treatment is going to be very, very hard on Dear Dad.

So how am I holding up?

Yes, I cry periodically at the thought of losing my Daddy. I want my kids to know him. I want him to have time to travel the world (which is one of his dreams). I am  not ready to say goodbye.

But…. I have faith in God’s plan. The pressure isn’t on me, my Dad, the Doctors, the Chemo. The pressure is on God. He is the ultimate Healer.

Mark 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

And I trust the Lord to know what is best for my family, even if it means that my Dad goes to Heaven earlier than I want. No, I don’t want to lose my Dad yet, but God knows the future, I don’t. He promises us thorughout His Word that He is only good, and that He loves us deeply. I trust my Heavenly Father in whatever comes our way.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

My Dad shared with me his thoughts on this whole “cancer thing.” He told me that yes, he will fight, and fight hard. But he is not scared, depressed or bitter. He is grateful for the life he has lived and all that the Lord has blessed him with. He is content. He knows God, and he knows where He is going. He knows this life is not the end. He has hope.

As we face this season, will you please  pray with us:

*That Dad will be completely healed and have several more years to live

* That Dad will not go crazy being bed ridden and sick

* For physical strength during his treatments

* For my Mom to stay physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong as she takes on the role as his caregiver

* For God to be glorified

* For this to bring our family closer together and closer to the Lord

My Dad and Mark, Ethiopia April 2012



In His,








  1. Kam, I love how you write. So encouraging and uplifting to others, even on the toughest of roads. We will be praying for you, your dad, and your whole family. To God be all glory, forever and ever, amen!

  2. I love the hope throughout this post. So sorry about the struggle with your Dad, I totally understand as I’ve gone through tragedy with my own Daddy whom I love. Even through my fears God has worked and the quality of relationship my kids have with him now is better than before his diagnosis. Amazing things our God can do! I’m praying for you. Keep sharing! It’s so good to know we’re not alone.

  3. Praying for all of you, …may God give you peace in this Time.

  4. Kameron, Thank you for sharing, I am sure it was not easy. I will pray for your dad, your mom and the entire family.

    Yours and your dad’s outlook is wonderful. Knowing what is waiting for us on the other side definitely makes it easier.

    I don’t know your dad, but remember when we played soccer together (6 or 7ish), your dad would run up and down the field cheering us on. It’s been ages, but I still remember him. :)

    Take Care,

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