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Since Markon has been home for one week, I thought I would sit down and reflect while I have a minute. Today we have some sweet friends (2 other YWAM Adoptive families that we met during Sarah’s adoption) coming over to hang out, and then tomorrow we leave for a vacation with them, so I will be M.I.A. for at least a few weeks. But, I wanted to share a few things…

First off, Mark really is doing well, considering he is totally overwhelmed and probably in shock at his current situation. For the first 6 nights I had him, he screamed bloody murder for about 5 hours. It was hell. Pure torture. But, the Lord has really given us hearts of grace for this poor kiddo who has been through so much in his short life.  We were thankfully introduced to the magical world of liquid melatonin, and now we are using it to get his sleep cycles right and to help him relax into sleep, and it works! He now sleeps about 12 hours, usually only waking up once for a bottle!

He is still very clingy to me, and is not too fond of Jason. This can be exhausting, but at the same time it is so very good that he finds safety and security with me. Praise God!

I was talking with a friend last night, another adoptive mom, and she asked me something I had not really considered…. “Do you like him?” It made me laugh because only another adoptive parent would understand that such an honest question is not bad, it doesn’t mean one doesn’t love their child, its just that it can take time to really “like” and “enjoy” them. I was thrilled to honestly be able to answer with a “yes, I do like him.” :) Again, Praise Jesus!

Sarah’s response to having a little brother was one of our biggest concerns. We were certain she would have jealousy issues and I would be carrying 2 babes on my hip. But, she is doing great! By me traveling to Ethiopia, she was forced to rely on Daddy more, and it kind of weaned her off of me. I came back to a big girl who still loves to cuddle… but does not need to be carried like she used to. In fact, our biggest struggle with her, is that she loves to hug, kiss, and wrestle (yes, wrestling/floor play is big in our family) all the time, and it kind of freaks our little man out. Oh, and they are starting to fight over toys…fun….

Poor kid just wants to play alone in the car, but Sarah has got to get a kiss in;)

I have also realized that my “work day” needs to start at 5:30 or 6 am at the latest. If I want to get anything accomplished and get a shower in, I have to do it all before the kids awake. But considering that I am naturally a morning person, this really isn’t a big deal, and it is so worth it because by the time my kids all start to wake up for the day, I am ready to give them my full attention and don’t see them and their needs as a bothersome or an inconvenience to me. I am ready to be on Mom Duty.

Mark is also starting to show his terrible 2′s side. Now that we aren’t giving him everything he wants, all the time, he is starting to do the whole “lay down on the ground and throw a tantrum” deal. Again… typical fun toddler stuff.

I think the greatest surprise has been really how easy it is. We were already living in “high alert toddler mode” with Sarah, so adding 1 more to the mix isn’t that big of a deal. Also, 4 kids is a great number. We have the 2 big kids, and 2 babies. The big kids are great about helping hold hands in the parking lot, buckling/unbuckling in the car, distracting skills and snack duty when necessary. Also, with 2 adults, we each just have one kid/arm. Great number!

First family walk

So that is us in a nut shell. Yes, challenges, exhaustion, patience testing all in affect, but really, with the Lord on our side, we are more than surviving, we are enjoying this season.


  1. “Do you like him?” Who would ask such a weird question? HA!! I am so glad that you are enjoying your sweet boy and this new season. I love that Sarah loves him, too. That is a huge blessing. Have a wonderful time on your trip!

  2. That’s so amazing! He’s the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen. Your whole family is such and inspiration to us. We can’t wait to adopt a baby girl now, im soooooo ready! We miss yall and can’t wait to meet him and see Sarah again!

  3. Jason and Kameron,
    I’m so thrilled Markon is home!!! I was just telling someone the story of the ‘MARKON’ name tag above his orphanage crib in Adama. So hard to believe the 4 month old we met in October is now toddling around and throwing tantrums!
    Love and blessings to you all,

  4. I understand the “Do you like him question.” I don’t think anyone but another adoptive mom would dare ask but it’s true. You can love your child but not always like them. Thanks for being honest!

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