And so we wait….

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This stage of the game is pretty much like the tail end of  pregnancy… NO SLEEP!

Ethiopia is 10 hours ahead of us, so I know that any correspondence from the embassy is going to come across in the middle of the night. Therefore, I wake up pretty much every hour and check my email. I also am having a hard time with the fact that our son is in an orphanage…. We just want him home. So I often times just lay in bed wide awake, despite exhaustion.

We finally found out that the US Embassy needs to conduct a phone interview with the police officer who filed Markon’s case. This is the last thing that has to happen for him to be cleared to come home. Hopefully this will be done this week.

Oh, and I am kind of stressing out because we leave in 2 days for a 5 day vacation, then we will be home for about 2 1/2 weeks, during which time I will hopefully (if things go as planned) hop back on a plane, and for the 4th time in 18 months be headed back to Ethiopia. Almost immediately after I get home with Markon, we leave again (in mid July) for a 10 day vacation with 2 other families.

So, out of a 33 day period of time, I will be gone for probably 23 of the days. Oh geesh….. That is a lot for this mama…

So, we could use some prayer please:

* That the police interview is done in a few days and we are cleared this week

* That Markon attaches easily to us and us to him, despite our whirlwind of activities and trips

* That Jason and the kids do well during my absence.

* That my work runs smoothly while I am gone (I manage commercial and residential property for my dad, and July is a BUSY month for work. Especially when I am gone for 2/3 of it…)

* That I survive all of this exhaustion

Thanks so much for the support and prayers.


Kameron (and Jason and kids too:)

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