Oh the wait….

Posted by on Jun 14, 2012 | 1 comment

Oh my word! I had forgotten how hard this part of the process is.

Praise God,  on Tuesday, June 12th we were successfully submitted to the US Embassy (where we are applying for Markon’s Entrance Visa to come home).

Within a few hours we received an email stating that they were beginning the I604 (Orphan Status Investigation), where they review and confirm Markon’s “story” to make sure he is a true, legal orphan. This process can take a few days, a few weeks, or a few months.

Usually families hear from the embassy within a few days, with either an approval of the case/Visa, or asking for additional phone numbers of police men who filed the report, or to schedule an interview with remaining birth family who relinquished the child/ren.

We have not received anything. Is this good news, or bad? We have no idea. But regardless, I am going crazy and waking up all throughout the night checking my email to see if the Embassy has sent us anything (they are 10 hours ahead of us).

So for now we are just praying for efficiency at this stage of the process, and really, for miraculously great news tomorrow/Friday.

Thanks for keeping our little guy and our process in your prayers. It is worth more than gold to us!



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  1. Thanks for the update. so excited for you to cross this bridge and get that approvel. You all are in my thoughts and prayers often. God bless and keep you during this process, and give you joy with thanksgiving and peace.

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