Markon’s Court Trip… Day 1

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Dad and I left Spokane, Wa bright and early on Tuesday, April 17th. This was to be Dad’s first time to Africa…

We had some time to kill in Frankfurt, Germany, so dad offered to buy me a beer. No thanks Dad, I will stick with coffee seeing as how its 11 am:)

Our travels were actually pretty pleasant and uneventful, until we landed in Africa…

For some reason the Ethiopian Government (or whoever has such authority), decided to not allow any one (no drivers, hotel/guest home personnel… nobody!) to enter the airport. We later heard that they did this in an effort to deter non-essential friends and family from going to the airport for send offs or homecomings.

Regardless of the reasoning, it was totally crazy! Just imagine hundreds of tourists, visitors, businessmen/women arriving in Ethiopia with no way to leave the airport.

By the grace of God I got in touch with the manager of our guest home, and he directed us to walk (with all 8 pieces of luggage) through the parking lot and down to the street. We somehow found him, loaded the car as quickly as possible, and were thankful to be on our way.

We woke up early Thursday morning and headed to Salem’s, a really great gift shop, with our friend John Johns and his daughter Addie.

After we dropped John and Addie off for their Embassy appointment, we headed off to meet a woman that I sponsor at Project Hopeful. We had a great time getting to know the women of this ministry and enjoying a coffee ceremony.

After meeting my “sister”, we made our way to the British Embassy. My dad worked his entire career in the golf industry, and for the last 15 years of which he was a commercial Toro rep. He loves golf and really wanted to check out the 6 hole golf course that the Brits have at their embassy. Unfortunately the Queen of England (I think that is what the Ethiopian security guard said, or else he said “Queen of Sheeba”;) was visiting and therefore the entire embassy was shut down. They took our number and were supposed to call us the next day, but I guess they thought we were either total nut cases or terrorists disguised as golf lovers, because the call never came.

We then decided to visit the only other golf course in Addis (and possibly all of Ethiopia I assume), the Addis Ababa Golf Club.

I almost fell over laughing when my dad started trying to explain to the mechanic how they can go about ordering spare parts for their Toro. Once a Toro Salesman, always a Toro Salesman.

Dad with the head Green's Keeper and Mechanic

I think it may take more than a few spare parts to help this poor thing...

We finished our first day in Ethiopia at a traditional restaurant, Yod Abysinia. Yummy!!!!

Not that I was counting down, but only 3 days till I meet my son!!!

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  1. What a fun daddy/daughter trip. I would love to do something like that with my dad! Congratulations on your little boy! So excited for you!

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