And My Travel Companion Is….

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 | 2 comments

If you have not already done so, before you read this post, please read my last post, titled “So… Can You Guess Who Is Going With Me to Ethiopia?

For those of you who participated in my contest, whether you guessed right or not, I have decided to gift you a sticker or photo of your choice.  Yeah, that prize was only supposed to go to the winner, but what the heck, only 5 people attempted to guess who was joining me,  and really, it is much more fun to give stuff away than to sell it.

The first person to correctly guess who my travel buddy is to be, was my Mother In Law, Mariruth (she will get 2 items of her choice:).

So, who is this mystery person?


No,  not my 8 year old daughter, Ivy, which was a popular guess… (and one that we ALL got a kick out of!)

But rather my very own, very unique…

  Dad, Tom.

In the end, I think the thing that threw most people off was his dream to be an “opera singer”. You see, most people would never imagine him as an opera singer, for he really has a  terrible singing voice (sorry Dad, you taught me to be honest). In fact, I distinctly remember my mom elbowing him during the “worship” time at church when I was little. He physically cannot sing quietly, and  you combine that with the fact that he loves to worship the Lord via songs of praise , and you have quite a worship experience.  I guess my mom felt bad for those within earshot and would often “encourage” him to “quiet down” via the tap of her elbow. Now, please don’t think bad of me for openly discussing the reality of my Dad’s voice, for you have to understand that I inherited that same  terrible voice from him, and it is kind of the family joke that neither of us can sing, yet we both love to.

Dad is heading to his doctor today to get ALL of his shots (he has no idea how sore he will be), and we are excitedly planning out the details of our trip. If you personally know my Dad at all, then you know how hilarious  and interesting this trip just got. Let the adventure begin!

Oh… and thanks to everyone who participated in my contest. At least I know that 5 people read my blog:) “Participants”, please be sure to visit our store and email or FB me and let me know what gift you would like:)




  1. I would LOVE to take one of my parents to Ethiopia with me! It sounds like ur dad is quite a character. Hope Ethiopia is ready! :)

  2. How wonderful! I love the store idea, and such a blessing that you have that organization matching your dollar for dollar donations. Amazing to watch God work in your family’s life.
    Autumn M.

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