Why the Silence? M’s story part I

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Why the silence lately??? Because I knew if I blogged at all, I would spill the beans!

Today Jason and I officially accepted the referral of a precious little boy from Ethiopia. Our journey to him and everything that has occurred along the way is nothing less than miraculous. We decided not to announce this adoption until we had the official referral because our agency (YWAM) was honest and upfront with us from the beginning and said, frankly, that this adoption was impossible and it was unrealistic for us to expect it to happen. We also want to be clear that YWAM did not show us any favor or preference as a returning family, and they were clear that from their perspective,  it could not and most likely would not happen.

The last 12 weeks have been an amazing ride, and we have seen God do the IMPOSSIBLE and move mountains like never before. We feel like we have captured a glimpse of His power and might in a real, real way.

I am going to spread our story over 4 different posts, over the next 4 days, and I pray that my words do not fail at showing you how great God is!

Mark 10:27: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.

Let us begin…

On Thursday, October 20th, 2011 (exactly 1 year after meeting Sarah for the first time), I was driving myself and the 3 kids 7 hours south to Boise to visit some friends for the weekend. Jason was in Ethiopia on his mission trip with our church, Anthem, and YWAM Ethiopian Adoption Ministry.

I was about 1/2 way to Boise when I got a call from Jason. He began to cry as he told me his story….

On the morning  of Wednesday, October 19th, Jason and some of the mission team were discussing adoption as they drove in the van from Addis Ababa to Adama. Five of team members were adoptive parents, and they were sharing their stories. Someone asked Jason if we would adopt from Ethiopia again. Jason said that while we would love to adopt again, Ethiopia just did not seem in our  future. We don’t have the money and honestly, the roller coaster of emotions is just so much. He said that there would have to be a CLEAR sign from God to get us moving again, and the ultimate sign would have to do with a name. God used our daughter Sarah’s name to direct us to adopt her (read my post from June 22nd, 2010 here:  http://theshadrickslove.com/?p=918) .

Jason then shared with the team about how his older brother Marcus (we called him Marc), had passed away in April 2010, and since then we have always said that if God showed us a little boy with a version of his brother’s name, that would get our attention. I had also had a dream in 2010 that we were in Adama at the YWAM Widows and Orphans Home, and we fell in love with a little boy with a version of his brother Marc’s name, and we knew instantly we were to adopt him.

The next morning, Thursday, October 20th, 1 year from the day we met Sarah for the first time, Jason and the team went to the same YWAM Widows and Orphans Home to do some work and love on the children and widows. Within a few minutes of being at the Home, Jason and a few of the team members made their way to the nursery. Suddenly one of the team members, Nicola, came up to Jason with tears in her eyes. “Jason, Jason, JASON!!!! Look! Look!”

Nicola was shaking and Jason’s eyes turned red as what he was looking at registered with him. He began to weep silently.

What they stared at was the first of many miracles. Hanging on the wall was a poster collage with various photos of different adoptive families and children who have been adopted via the YWAM program. The largest picture on this particular collage was of our daughter, Sarah, along with 2 other photos of our family.  Placed right next to Sarah’s photo, and underneath one of our  family photos,  was the name card of the little boy whose crib lay below. His name was “M*****” (yup, a version of his brother’s name, but we cannot share with you until we legally become his parents:). Jason said he almost fell over, and he knew immediately that God was telling him that this little boy was to literally be placed in our family. When Jason picked up this precious, beautiful, perfect child, his heart melted and he knew he was holding his son.

Soon the other team members realized the name of the child and tears flowed freely.

Jason eventually found out more about M’s story. He had been brought to the Widows and Orphans Home on the day Jason arrived in Ethiopia and the woman who named him said that when she saw the boy, the name immediately came to her (we believe God gave her the name). To make his name even more special to us, in Amharic his name means “The Word” (don’t bother trying to figure out the Amharic word for “The Word”, it is nowhere to be found:)  Oh, my, isn’t that incredible?  To think that our son is named after  the Holy Bible, the Living Word itself is simply beautiful to me.

And to add to the details of God’s work, M’s name card had been written in Amharic up until the morning before Jason arrived at the Adama Home. If they had traveled to Adama just a few days earlier, he would have never known this little boy’s name. Furthermore, shortly after the team arrived at the Home, they began emptying out the nursery and taking everything off the walls in order to prepare for their painting project. M’s name card, perfectly placed next to the photos of our family, was soon to be  removed off the wall, and Jason and the team could have easily missed this important detail.

Although Jason knew that God was clearly telling  him this is our son, he also knew it was pretty much, 100% impossible for us to adopt him. We were not ready to adopt. We did not have any money saved up, our Home Study was not done, we were simply not prepared for this. Surely he would get matched with another family before we could get all of our paperwork ready.


However, over the next few days Jason  risked his heart and trusted God to deliver this son. He loved on M as his own, resting in the promise that God had shown him. Jason fed M  bottles, cared for him,  sang to him when he cried, and put him to bed. He fell in love with this little boy more and more every minute. But regardless of this love he had for M and all that God had shown him, Jason’s concerns over this impossible endeavor troubled him and filled him with moments of concern or doubt. Thankfully, every time he shared his concerns with Tezera, the orphanage director, she would simply, yet firmly,  remind Jason that “God does not play joke” and “in God’s eyes,  it is already finished.”

Tears of joy and excitement flowed as Jason told me all that had unfolded.” BUT”, I told him, “this is going to be very hard to do.” At which point he reminded me “God does not play joke.”

Jason remained in Ethiopia for  another 9 days, and throughout that trip, in both moments of deep prayer and periods of praise and worship, God clearly spoke to Jason’s heart, reminding him of the gift of that moment when God brought everything together and told him M was our son. God reminded Jason of the realness of the vision, and confirmed in his heart  that although this may seem impossible and foolish by the world’s standards, it would happen, for God is the God of IMPOSSIBLE. He is the God who parted the Red Sea, healed the sick, raised the dead, and defeated the cross Himself. Nothing, truly nothing in Heaven or Earth, is impossible for God. He can do anything!

Stay tuned for part II, I will post it tomorrow!

Mark 10:27: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.

In His love,



  1. Wow. Wow! WOW! Our God is amazing.

  2. I am so excited for you guys!!!! What an incredibly story and testimony! I cannot wait to read more! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  3. Tears!! Yes, with God nothing is impossible!

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