M’s Story, Part IV

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This is a continuation of our latest adoption story. Please read parts I, II and III of “M’s Story” before reading this.

On Wednesday, January 4th,  we found out that M was “paper ready” and was now available to the other families in the YWAM program (however YWAM’s WC site was down and his profile was unable to be viewed by families.) While we were still clinging onto our faith and trust in God, this news was a bit worrisome. His chances of getting chosen by another family had increased significantly and we were no where near being ready for his referral on our end.

After being encouraged by a few friends, I decided to call USCIS on Friday, January 6th, to see if our file was being processed. We were so disappointed to hear that our case had not even been assigned an officer yet, and to expect it to take another 6-7 weeks before we would get our approval, as USCIS is now estimating that I600A’s will take at least 90 days to process our case!

Later that afternoon I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would work a crazy miracle and get us our I171h soon. I suddenly felt the prompting to pray for it to be done by the following  Wednesday, just 3 working days away. My rational mind began arguing with that unrealistic, lofty prayer, but finally, after much back  and forth in my spirit,  I surrendered and prayed that somehow our I171h would be done on Wednesday. Talk about IMPOSSIBLE!

However, within a few hours of this prayer, we began to have confirmation that God may be in the process of working His might and that He  may actually provide our I171h quicker than expected (it is another long, miraculous, but private story. Sorry). The probability of something happening on Wednesday began to feel like an actual possibility.

Eventually the following week came and each day I eagerly anticipated the miraculous arrival of our I171H. Each day I would tell Jason that I just KNEW it was coming and he better be ready for M’s referral.  But…Nothing. Nothing. Nothing!  By Wednesday evening I was not only depressed that we had not received our I171h, but I was also doubting my faith. I had felt so strongly that the Holy Spirit was prompting me to pray specifically for our approval to happen on Wednesday, and then it appeared like He had given confirmation that this would happen too. If I didn’t “hear” God clearly this time, do I ever hear Him clearly? Do I even know my Father’s voice? (no, I don’t hear God speak audibly. It is hard to explain quickly here, but Linny over at her blog: www.aplacecalledsimplicity.blogspot.com has a great post with her explanation of “How to hear God speak” on the right side of her blog. So after reading her posts on “How to hear God speak”, if you think she is a nut case, then I am too I guess, but at least I am in good company:)

Finally on Thursday, January 12th I decided to call USCIS to check on our status, and nearly passed out when the gentleman explained that our file had been approved on Wednesday and our I171h was on its way. WHAT!? How is that even possible!? Only GOD!!! Thank you Jesus!

Another mountain blown UP! Instead of taking 90 days like the USCIS officer had said, our I171h took just 40! (by the way, my one phone call to USCIS asking about our status is not what sped up our process. It is a long, complicated story, and nothing short of a miracle! I just don’t want any anxious mamas out there getting their hopes up by thinking that if you call USCIS and check on the status of your application, that they will pull your file and process your case. It was much more complicated than that:)

Jason immediately called the Director of YWAM Ethiopian Adoption Ministry to share the good news about our I171h. She explained that we needed to “wait a bit” before we would possibly be given the opportunity to have M’s referral. While we were disappointed that we were not immediately given the green light to move forward with M’s referral, by this point we knew that nothing, absolutely nothing, could stop God’s will for this child to be in our family and that, if need be, God would work more miracles on YWAM’s end to make it happen.

We bit our nails for nearly 24 hours, and finally at 11:30 am on Friday, January13th,  the Director for YWAM ET Adoption Ministry called Jason and said that miracle after miracle had in fact happened on their end, and God had blown several more doors wide open. She said that when the last door blew open, she finally realized that she could no longer deny that God, for some incredible reason, wanted M in our home. We could only laugh with joy when she said we were approved to begin the referral process for our sweet M.

Only GOD could orchestrate Jason’s meeting with M,  provide us with a spot in YWAM’s program and squeeze 5-6 months worth of paperwork and red tape into 8 weeks. YWAM played by the “book” and did not show us any favor as a returning family, and they were realistic with the improbability of M becoming our son. But in the end,  no matter how impossible it looked on paper, there is always the “God card” that can change everything.

So where are we now? Our Dossier is now in Ethiopia being translated, and our referral acceptance documents are on their way to Ethiopia now. YWAM/CHI still have some documents to gather before we can be submitted to court, so we are still unsure of a timeline. However, I just can’t help but come up with some type of timeline in my head. But unlike last time around, I am not counting on my best-case timeline to happen,  rather I am being more realistic and expecting several months of delays to occur somewhere along the way. So my “realistic” timeline is that we get a court date in April or May, and have M home by July or August. I really think this is a realistic expectation, and hope I am not wrong.

I also want to encourage those of you who read this story and wonder why your adoption story is so different than ours. Honestly, this is a crazy story and I have no idea why we get to be a part of it.  But we must remember that every single adopted child is placed in the exact family that God desires, no matter how they get there. Every adoption, in and of itself, is a miracle story and oh so special. So your story may be different from ours, and if we ever adopt again, that story will certainly be different than M’s. But let us never forget that each child and their journey to their forever family is equally incredible. Plus,  in my humble opinion, I think that God HAD to hit Jason “upside the head” in such a way that Jason knew for certain that God wanted us to adopt again.  God had to make it very clear to us that we were to adopt from Ethiopia again, and this is how He chose to do that.

And if you feel like it simply isn’t “fair” because your “story” seems to be slow going, bumpier or filled with trials and heart ache, let me tell you, I can honestly understand. Our last adoption of Sarah seemed to take FOREVER! We were met with delay after delay after delay! When I would read blogs of other families who seemed to skate right through their adoption, I would get so jealous (ugh, I hate that word, it is so ugly, but yes, I would get jealous).  I wanted it to be easy for us too! But what I have come to recognize as 100% truth,  is that God knows who each of our children are, and sometimes he needs to slow down or speed up the process in order to make the perfect match. He knows what He is doing in each of our families, and each of our stories, and we must trust Him through the ups and downs of this crazy journey. And remember that those bumps in the road that we hit along the way are not in vein. God allows us to face trials and delays because it grows our faith in deep, meaningful, lasting ways. God grew us SO MUCH through all of the trials, delays, and disappointments in our last adoption. Yes, those times were heart wrenching, but oh so worth it and I would not trade a smooth, quick adoption process for the growth that we experienced. God is good, perfect and in control, and He knows what He is doing in your life. Trust Him.

Plus, you must realize that we are just beginning the tough part of applying for court and embassy. So trust me, there are plenty of chances for this adoption to hit snags and delays, and slow down enough to make this mama earn a few more grays and gain a few pounds.

As for his name, we plan to keep M’s first name (we believe God named him, plus I just LOVE that his name means “The Word” in Amharic), and we have decided to give him the name “Isaac” for his middle name. “Isaac” means “laughter” in Hebrew,  and throughout this journey, as we watched each miracle unfold and mountains crumble, all we could do was laugh with joy!  We also chose this name because the birth of the “Isaac” of the Bible was an absolute miracle, just like the story of our M Isaac. Isaac’s birth was 100% impossible by human standards and nobody believed it could or would happen. Isaac’s story is found in Gen 18 and 21, and it goes like this… Sarah and Abraham were very old when God promised them a son, and pregnancy seemed impossible due to their age. They waited over 20 years for Sarah to get pregnant, and when she finally gave birth to Isaac, at age 90, according to Gen. 21:6-7: “Sarah said, “God has brought me  laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” And she added “Who would have said to Abraham that Sarah would nurse children? Yet I have borne him a son in his old age.”

I also find it fitting, comforting and promising that the verse that has sustained us this entire time, and which sums up the miracle of this adoption, is found in the book of “Mark”,  yes, the name that prompted this adoption in the first place.

Mark 10:27: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.

My friends, may we never forget that our God is in the details of our lives. God hears our heart’s cry and knows us intimately.  Whether it be an incredible adoption story, or the day to day happenings of our lives, He is here, with us. He is a God of goodness, love, justice and faithfulness. He is so good!

So now we officially, publicly begin the next chapter of our lives. We ask for prayer that God’s hand continue to be in this process and with M until he is safe in our arms.

I will continue to post updates on our adoption, so stay tuned…

Thank you for your love and support as we step out in faith and watch God continue to do the impossible.


In His Grip,



* International electrical adapter

* Meds (diarrhea, pepto tabs, Tylenol, laxative, Cipro Rx, sleep aid – like Tylenol PM)

* Earplugs

* Clothes – modest dress (no shorts for men or women, women cover knees & shoulders)

* Flip flops for shower

* Walking shoes & footies

* Light jacket w/hood or sweater

* Plastic bags

* Travel outside of Addis: Malaria meds and/or DEET spray – at least 15% DEET to no more than 35%

* Personal products – shampoo, etc… Saline nasal spray is helpful.

* Antibacterial hand wipes or gel / band aids, etc…

* Sunscreen

* Snacks for you (granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, your favorites)

* Snacks for your child (airplane, car trip)

* copy of passport

* small backpack to use during the day

* small flashlight (power goes out often)

* travel alarm clock – battery operated (cell phones don’t automatically change to ET time)

* “white noise” machine if you have trouble sleeping – the Muslim call to prayer is broadcast over loudspeakers often and there are many barking dogs in Addis!


* Phone / mp3 / headphones

* Snacks for plane

* Necessities in case baggage is delayed

* Book / sudoku / journal / bible

* Travel pillow

* Comfy socks for plane


* Cameras/batteries/SD cards/Flash drive/laptop w/carrier

* Cash – crisp bills (credit or debit cards don’t work)

* Passport

* Travel insurance card

* Money belt or passport pouch

FOR YOUR CHILD (adjust for age): *This is applicable for the embassy trip.

* Diaper bag fully stocked with diapers, wipes, ointment, changing pad, lots of plastic garbage bags for diaper disposal

* Formula (premeasured packets make it easy), bottles (Playtex drop-ins work great), baby food

* Baby/children’s meds: Orajel, pain reliever, hydrocortisone cream, saline, Benadryl, calamine, q-tips, simethicone (gas) for babies, antifungal cream for yeast or tinea skin issues, any prescriptions your doctor recommends taking along

* Baby carrier (many families LOVE the Ergo brand)

* Clothes (lightweight for the most part), shoes and sweater or light jacket

* Personal items – pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, lotion*

* Snacks – for in-country and for the plane trip home (Cheerios, Gerber puffs, peanut butter crackers, beef jerkey, granola bars…)

* Activities, books, bubbles, balloons, balls, portable dvd/cd player, iPad, digital camera w/extra memory cards (older kids love to be able to take photos before they leave), videos of home and family – lots for them to do at the guest house and on the airplane

* Picture book of people in your family, things in your home


  1. Thanks for sharing this incredible story Kameron! We’ll be praying for you guys!

  2. Goosebumps! So incredibly happy for you all. I’ve been praying for sweet little M. Excited to see your sweet little one in your family. Soon! :)

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing these awesome miracles with us. As we all read about and keep track of one another, it’s easy to see how God is growing each of us, and our families, in faith and love. He is so faithful to not leave us as He found us!

  4. WOW! Just the boost I needed today:) Thank you so much for sharing. He is so good, and oh so faithful. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible with God. Praying for you guys, and your journey to M.

  5. I’m so sorry you had people be critical to you about asking for support. That is so sad. I’ve had a blast reading through these miracles God has done. Thank you for your faith!

  6. Praying for you all!!!

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