M’s Story, Part III

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This is a continuation of the story of our latest adoption. Be sure to read the previous 2 posts, Part I and II of M’s Story, before reading this post.

God’s miraculous hand in this story had begun working out the details long before we even knew M existed. You see,  we began to plan this mission  trip to Ethiopia  in June of 2011. Although Jason had a great job with 3 weeks paid vacation, his employer had told him that he could not have the time off to go to Ethiopia in October due to important deadlines and a big conference that he needed to attend. Regardless, we felt strongly that Jason was to help lead this trip, and therefore we continued to plan for him to go anyways and even paid for all of his fees, trusting that God would provide a way. Well, He did. About 2 months before the planned trip, Jason got a miraculous, surprising, out of the blue job offer, and his new employer agreed to allow him to take off 2 full weeks to go to Ethiopia.

So here we were, reflecting on God’s provision. God had provided Jason with a new job that allowed him to go to Ethiopia,  flown Jason 1/2 way around the world, orchestrated the most amazing meeting of this little boy and then topped it all off by miraculously making a way for us to enter the YWAM program despite it being closed to new families.

But now we found ourselves at the base of an enormous, new mountain, looking straight up. This new mountain was a tall, tall pile of paperwork. We would have to seriously expedite our paperwork so it would time perfectly with M’s paperwork. If it took us too long to get “paper ready” on our end, we would miss our chance to adopt him and he would be referred to another family.

For our last adoption of Sarah, it took us 7 months to get “paper ready” (5 months to finish our Home Study, and 2 months to receive our USCIS approval (I171h). If we had to wait 7 months to get “paper ready”  this time, surely M would be matched with another family.

Immediately after returning home from Boise I called our Home Study Agency and  I shared our story and explained that we needed to get our new Home Study done ASAP (Idaho does not allow a simple HS Update, they require a whole new HS! UGH!). They gave me the bad news that our HS would not be done for at least 2.5-3 months (Jason wasn’t even due to be home for another week, we had to get our FBI clearance before we could even start the HS process again and that clearance would take at least 4-6 weeks; then we had to get our physical exams, schedule out our HS visit, and give time for it to be written and approved, which the approval process takes 2 weeks alone).  This was terrible news because we needed our HS to be done before we could apply for our Immigration Clearance, which would take another 3 months to obtain (Later when I called USCIS they told me that while they are quoting 75 days, it would most likely take 90 days to process!)  This news meant that it would be a minimum of  5.5-6 months before we would be ready to request M’s referral. That would be much too late!

I emailed Jason, and again told him to PRAY!!! At which point he said they would, but also reminded me “God does not play joke!”

After a day or so of praying and thinking, I finally realized that we could possibly  speed up our HS by at least 1 month. Before Jason had left for Ethiopia we had been in the process to get licensed for Foster Care. Unfortunately our HS agency had refused to use any of our paperwork or documentation that we had on file for the foster HS, but after some begging (and going through 3 different supervisors), our Case Worker was able to get us approved to use our FBI fingerprint clearances that we had done for foster care. This was going to save us at least 4 weeks. But they still expected the HS to take another 6-8 weeks.

Jason came home from Ethiopia on 10/30 and the following week we sent off all of our HS paperwork. We had our physical exams scheduled quickly and on 11/11 we had our Home Study visit. All went well, and by the grace of God, just 10 days after our Home Study visit, our Home Study was completed and approved. What we had been told would take 2.5-3 months, took just 10 days. God is Good. Another mountain moved!

On November 28th we sent our Home Study and I600A to USCIS and prayed for a quick turn around of our I171H.

With our paperwork on its way to USCIS, we decided it was time for Jason to call the director of YWAM Ethiopian Adoption Ministry to share our story thus far and make sure that she knew, like we did, that M was to be our son. We were a bit disappointed when she told us, again, that while she wished she had good news, it was just “unrealistic” for us to expect to adopt M. There were just too many obstacles in our way. It was just too impossible.

While this bad news was certainly a “downer”, especially coming from the people who run the adoption program themselves, we just felt we were to hold on to God’s promise. We felt a bit naive and foolish having such faith amidst such impossibilities, but we were reminded time and again that God calls us to have “childlike” faith, that the the ways of God are foolishness to man and visa verse, and that he is a God of the IMPOSSIBLE.

We now found ourselves praying for God to move the next big mountain and somehow expedite our immigration clearance. We simply trusted Him and His plan for our family. We knew that if M was to be our son, nothing could stop it.

Mark 10:27: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.

Stay tuned for the finale, M’s Story Part IV, tommorrow:)

Be blessed my friends,


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