M’s story, Part II

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This is a continuation of our latest adoption story. Start at “Why the Silence, M’s Story Part I” before reading this post…

After talking to Jason, I did what most women do, I immediately got on the phone and called a select few friends to share the news with. I knew we could not really tell anyone since this adoption was nearly impossible, but I had to share with someone!

I then called YWAM and excitedly told them that Jason had met a little boy that we know we are to adopt. I felt defeated when they told us we could not get into their program. Not only was the program full, but so was the wait list. We would have to wait possibly 5 or 6 months before we could even get on the wait list for their program, and it would be several more months after that before we would be in the program.

I emailed Jason right away and told him that he and the team need to PRAY because this is looking very difficult, if not impossible.  How are we to adopt M if we can’t even get into the YWAM adoption program!? At which point he reminded me not to worry because “God does not play joke,” and in God’s eyes “it is already finished.”

Once I got to Boise I emailed my friends with whom I had shared the story with. I told them the bad news… that we can’t even get into the program, and asked them to pray.  I almost immediately got an email from one of my friends,  explaining  that she and her husband needed to pray about their possible role in our adoption. This family had put their name on the YWAM wait list several months earlier and their turn to enter the program was getting close. She and her husband then spent the weekend praying about possibly giving us their “spot” in the program, and God gave them peace and a feeling of “relief and rightness” about it. They both felt that God had prompted them to enter the YWAM program specifically so that they could give us their spot when we needed it. On Monday, to our total amazement, this family called YWAM and asked to have our family put in their place in the program. I could not believe it. God had just moved a HUGE mountain!

Stay tuned for Part III:)

Mark 10:27: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.


  1. Simply amazing. Nothing short of a miracle!

  2. Your story is so amazing yet truly believable knowing the greatness of our God. It’s a blessing and faith builder to all who have been involved in your family life. Thanks for sharing with all the details.

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