The Worship Tree

Posted by on Dec 16, 2010 | 4 comments

With the help of our friends and church here in Coeur d’alene, Idaho, we are trying to fully fund the building of of a school for 250 children in a rural village in Ethiopia. This was the village that we visited while in Ethiopia. We promised these people we would help them and personally advocate for them,  and now we are.

My husband created this peice, titled “The Worship Tree”. If you are familiar with YWAM ET Adoption Ministry and their work in this village, or if you follow the YWAM ET Adoption Ministry blog ( then you have probably seen photos of the Worship Tree. It is under this tree, in this rural Ethiopian village, where hundred of families worship the Lord every week. This Worship Tree and the school will be on the same property.

Please help us show hope and love to these precious children in Ethiopia by placing a bid on this beautiful piece of art. You can bid on it by adding a comment on this post. Please include your bid and your contact info so I can reach you. If we have to ship it to you, we will ask for help with shipping costs so the full amount of donation can go directly to the school.

The bidding will close at  4 pm on Sunday, Dec. 19th.



Worship Tree painting


  1. BID $150

  2. Bid $300

  3. Bid $500. What an amazing thing. I cried as I read the story of this on my sister’s blog and would love to help your cause. What a blessing you can be.

  4. Katherine – what a BLESSING YOU can be!!! Thank you!

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